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Steps 1, 2 & 3:
We combine sugar, pure cream, butter, syrup and the base flavoring for the batch we are cooking-up. For example, we use real, imported Dutch Cocoa for the chocolate bases and pure vanilla extract for the vanilla bases.

If you're concerned about the fat levels from the pure cream and butter then you can rest easy. Our fudge only has about 6 to 8 grams of fat per slice. That's very low for fudge. Besides, all you have to do is eat an equal amount of green veggies and everything will even out.

Steps 4, 5 & 6:

All the base ingredients are combined in a big copper pot and cooked until they reach the correct temperature. The base is then poured onto a marble slab and allowed to cool.
  Step 7:
Once the base has cooled to a creaming temperature we add other goodies like fresh English Walnuts, Georgia Pecans, marshmallows or all natural Peanut Butter. Next the creaming begins.

Step 8:
The fudge is then tossed into the air with a huge stainless steel paddle.

What is really happening is that by tossing the fudge up-and-over, on top of itself, we begin to incorporate air into the mix. The air is what gives the fudge its creamy texture.

Step 9:
After about 10 minutes of creaming air into the fudge it begins to get thick and much harder to toss into the air. That's when we swap the paddle for a small spatula and continue the creaming process.

Step 10:
As you can see the fudge gets thicker and thicker until finally it's just right and you have a nice, long, creamy loaf of fudge.
Step 11:
The next-to-the-last step is what we refer to as "presentation". We cut the loaf into about 60 individual slices and set it up in a nice presentation for you see.
  Step 12:
Can you figure out the final step? Here's a hint. Mmmm! Mmmm! Mmmm! That's correct!

The final step is for you to come have some.

Have you ever wondered why a bite of fudge just melts in your mouth?

Well, here's the answer: it's all about the process in which true fudge is crafted. We have three simple rules that we follow everytime.

  1. Every slice is made from scratch, by hand.
  2. We always use the finest, fresh ingredients available.
  3. We create new batches daily.

That's it. Three easy steps to bring you the most satisfying taste in the world, and there is absolutely no other way!

Now, you know how we prepare each slice? Read the item on the left to find out how we prepare each slice.

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